Manufactured Homes


  • Minimum FICO of 620 for all loan types
  • Cash Out refinance available (in addition to purchase and R/T refinances)
  • Second Homes permitted
  • Homes built after July 15, 1976 are eligible
  • Manufactured homes in PUDs are permitted (Per Fannie Mae guidelines: NO single-wide units)
  • O/O full down payment can be gift


  • Primary Residence
  • Purchase & Rate/Term Refi
  • Up to 96.5% LTV on purchase loans
  • 580 FICO allowed with no reserve overlay
  • Gifts eligible
  • Ratios determined by AUS
  • MFH may not have been re-sited


  • 580 FICO
  • Primary Residence
  • Purchase & Rate/Term refinances
  • Maximum LTV is 85% on a Refi
  • No MFH on leased land
  • MFH may not have been re-sited
  • 10 acre max
  • Ratios determined by AUS

Fannie Mae DU Refi Plus Mani Only

  • No minimum FICO score for all LTVs
  • Manufactured homes unlimited LTV/CLTV/HCL

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A house that's not designed, but manufactured. Cheap, strong, and completely like your neighbors.

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